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5 steps for your Success in this UPSC Journey

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Step 1: Go through UPSC Syllabus

Read the main exam and preliminary exam syllabuses. (And learn it by heart). You can get the skill of pertinent studying by reading the UPSC Syllabus. You will know what to study and what you may avoid when you actually start studying for the exam from the Best books for UPSC. The syllabus can be overwhelming and huge at first, but after being divided into manageable chunks, it becomes less overwhelming.

Step 2: Review questions from previous years.

In addition to assisting you in determining where you stand, previous year questions will also offer you a good sense of the trend and style of questions that are asked in the UPSC CSE exam.

Step 3: Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals to effectively complete the whole curriculum.

Create manageable, small goals. In order to ensure that you don’t forget what you’ve read, reserve the weekends for revision. You’ll be able to develop and retain concepts more easily if you do this. It is preferable if you start taking notes on the topics because this will not only help you review the material before the exam but will also give you a thorough understanding of the subject.

Step 4: Develop the habit of reading the news.

Make it a habit to read the newspaper, and aim to finish it in two hours. Start reading The Hindu and The Indian Express, among other publications. They are excellent, and I often read them. As soon as you feel comfortable reading newspapers, start noting significant happenings.

Step 5: Practice repeatedly and more. Practice

To pass this exam, practise and revision are essential. Practice your responses so that they address every area, including socio-cultural, political, legal, and economic. The secret is consistency. Review is necessary. Man becomes perfect by repetition, also known as revision, the process by which man becomes perfect, and revision is the means by which man becomes perfect through the process of. Last but not least, keep in mind that UPSC preparation takes time. However, all the unneeded worry and anxiety related to the preparation will disappear the moment you begin to enjoy it. We anticipate that you now understand how to begin UPSC preparation from scratch without coaching.

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